Transportation Logistics Solutions

At Plant Site Logistics, Inc., we know how to handle your inbound or outbound transportation needs.  We are a dedicated logistics firm specializing in transportation, warehousing, inventory control, operating procedures, and system design.

From a Hosted Software Solution...

PSL offers a ready-to-go web based freight quoting system where your employees can enter, manage and award loads.  Freight bids can be sent to carriers you choose or those recommended from PSL's current list of over 100 core carriers.  This is just the starting point.

... To Managed, On-Site Involvement

If your company prefers a more hands-off approach to your transportation needs, PSL can place employees on site to handle the management, quoting and shipping aspects of your business.

One or Many Locations

Our software can help you manage a single location or multiple locations.

Customized Reporting

Regardless of the involvement that you want from PSL - you will receive customized reports, plus the ability to request specialized reports that you may require for your customer services, accounting, and management divisions.

PSL designs OUR software to meet YOUR company's needs.
That is our advantage and it will SAVE you money!

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